Texas strong

Many of you may know that I live in the greater Houston, Texas area that was devastated by Hurricane Harvey this past week. While my home and family has not suffered any damage, many of my friends, and neighbors suffered great losses to their homes or businesses. As many as 40-50 people lost their lives in this storm.

I have witnessed so much generosity of spirit and genuine helpfulness it makes me so proud to be a TEXAN! We had first responders come from all over our state, and beyond to help us in our hour of need! I have witnessed first hand folks being rescued from their homes by boat to make it to safety. There are no words to describe seeing Lake Houston sweep thru my neighborhood and flood the homes of my friends and neighbors!

The only thing that brought us through the worst of it was prayers! I believe our family and home was spared with prayers, and I also believe as a community we will “pass thru” with prayer. We will help each other clean up, clean out, and rebuild!

It has already started with random strangers doing “flood laundry”! Caring for children of those affected, so their parents can clean-up, and know their children are safe. Taking meals to clean up sites so workers can eat. Making sure our local 1st responders have plenty to eat by delivering home cooked meals to their staging areas. The list of what is being done by strangers to help a fellow Texan is too long to state here, but suffice it to say, that we are TEXAS STRONG!

There are several organizations accepting donations on behalf of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Make sure your donation goes to an organization that directly helps flood victims.

Thank you,